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A writer devotes time to a number of things; researching subject matter, editing, plotting, outlining, rewriting, and skill development in terms of attending conferences, courses and workshops. Once a book is finished, a writer then faces the task of writing query letters, attracting an agent and/or publisher, and then when the book is published the work begins again! It’s time to market, promote, sell and attract an audience. For most authors, time away from the writing desk, although necessary, means less time working on the next book.

I was given personal, professional attention. It was a partnership all the way.

When e-books began gaining popularity I was, at first, reluctant to go that route. My thoughts turned to taking time away from my writing once again to learn a new computer skill – reformatting my books to fit the e-book requirements, assigning new ISBNs, uploading content to e-book publishers, tracking sales, and the general bother of concentrating on something other than my writing. However, I understand how important it is to keep up with the ever-changing publishing world, so when I learned about Snapfactory Publishing I found a perfect fit for my needs. I was given personal, professional attention. I simply sent my manuscripts to Snapfactory via email and they did the rest. From converting to the proper format for iPad, Kindle, and Nook, to downloading content, to assigning ISBNs and giving me a helpful tutorial, the ease with which my books found their way to the e-book world was, well, a snap.  One flat fee, the work was done, and I began to see sales immediately. No hassle, no stress, and the people I worked with were energetic and genuinely excited about their work. It was a partnership all the way.

I highly recommend Snapfactory Publishing for all authors considering e-publishing! Now, time to get back to my writing.

T. Dawn Richard

Author of The May List Mystery Series

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