Write. Send. Publish. Yes, it’s that simple.

Snapfactory Publishing takes the headaches out of publishing your book to the world. Our write, send, publish philosophy was created just for writers like you. You take care of the writing then send your manuscript to us. We’ll prepare the document for publishing and then help you get it out to the world. Best of all – we charge a flat fee. So once your books start selling, you keep 100% of the profits. We walk authors through the whole process.

Your self-published book will be available to readers in the same ways the big publishing houses offer their digital books.


The first step, conversion, is the process of making your manuscript publication ready. eBook publishers require very specific file formats that have been verified and proven to be free of any formatting defects. Different publishers have slightly different specifications, which means getting a book ready for the iPad is different from preparing a Nook or Kindle file. Snapfactory Publishing takes your manuscript, in whatever file format you have it in, and makes sure that it’s ready to go into each different device. Once your book is ready for publication, we’ll walk you through the steps to self-publish. You’re the author and owner of all of your ISBN numbers and accounts, and you keep 100% of the profits.

Self publishing doesn’t have to mean going it alone; Snapfactory Publishing walks you through the entire process.

Self Publishing

Self publishing simply means that you create your own accounts with Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or any other eBook retailer you desire. You’ll set up your tax information and payment options, and upload your files to your desired eBook retailer. To walk you through the entire process, we’ve created an easy to use, step-by-step guide that you’ll receive with your converted manuscript. We’ll also include an hour of phone support, just in case you need a little extra help with the process of publishing your book.

Self publishing means that you are always in control of your accounts and your intellectual property, and that you keep 100% of your profits. The checks from your book are sent directly to you – there is no middle man.

The checks from your book are sent directly to you – there is no middle man.

Cover Design

Before your book is made available to the world, you’ll want a beautiful cover to catch the eye of potential buyers. We are able to create covers for all budgets and offer offer a wide range of art types including typographic covers, photographic covers, illustrated and painted covers. Contact us for a quote.



We have a simple flat fee pricing structure that makes it easy to select the services you need in order to publish your book.

Self Publish Package: $699

  • Send your manuscript in any format. No special formatting required.
  • Conversion of your manuscript to EPUB and MOBI formats.
  • Inclusion of your existing cover artwork.
  • FREE initial consult.
  • FREE copy of the Snapfactory Publishing step-by-step Self Publishing Guide.
  • FREE personalized phone support, up to one hour.
  • Retain 100% of your profits from sales.

Design Services

Our team of designers and artists will work with you to create custom artwork for your book cover. We offer three design options, each tailored to complement your written work.

Standard Template Design: $299

  • Standard quality template-based design personalized for your book.
  • Stylized typography.
  • FREE initial consultation and up to 2 revisions.

Customized Template Design: $399

  • Customizable, high quality template-based design edited to your specifications.
  • Stylized typography and imagery.
  • FREE initial consultation and up to 2 revisions.

Detailed Custom Design: $499 and up

  • Fully customized photography and/or original hand-drawn illustration.
  • Unique, stylized typography and imagery.
  • FREE initial consultation and up to 3 revisions.

Additional Services

We’re ready to help with ongoing support and supplementary services that can increase the value of your work.

Phone Support: $49/Hour

  • Additional individualized phone support with a Snapfactory Publishing service representative. (After first included free hour)

Graphics Intensive Content: $199

  • If your book includes more than 24 images, graphs, and/or charts, we’ll have to do some special editing and design.


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