Digging Up Otis

Featured Publication Digging Up Otis by T Dawn Richard

Author: T. Dawn Richard Life is back to normal for May Bell List. Happy marriage, quiet life, no crimes to solve; that murder and the antics that followed at the retirement home last year were a one-time thing. Until the phone call. There’s been another murder at the Waning Years Estates, and it’s all the encouragement May needs to ditch her boring life and get her detective juices flowing again. Otis Culpepper was found dead in a swimming pool, but there’s something fishy about his…

A Wrinkle in Crime

Featured Publication A Wrinkle in Crime by T Dawn Richard

Author: T. Dawn Richard Quilting clubs, quiet dinners and no responsibilities – it’s the perfect life for most retirees, but not for May Bell List. Her nose for trouble sniffs up foul play in the death of her friend Gerty, and a ride-along program with the local police seems like the perfect opportunity to dig up clues. But nobody is interested in investigating just another heart attack, and Gerty’s sisters aren’t exactly broken up about their loss. Motives sprout up everywhere, and there are plans…

Death For Dessert

Featured Publication Death for Dessert by T Dawn Richard

Author: T. Dawn Richard May Bell List is no Nurse Bambie, but she sure didn’t deserve to have her doctor-husband, Ted, run around on her. Now she’s independent again- courtesy of Ted’s Camaro- but her limited budget puts her in what seems to be a run-of-the-mill retirement community. The illusion doesn’t last long. Manic inventors, streaking neighbors and creepy groundskeepers are just the beginning. The real trouble is May’s eccentric neighbor Mrs. Berkowitz, who knows a little too much about everyone’s past. When Mrs. B…

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